Drink Your Plants! Winter Wellness Kit Giveaway!

Today I have a review and giveaway that is more than appropriate for this weather we’ve been having.

As a kid, on cold, wintery days all I wanted was hot chocolate – Swiss Miss with EXTRA marshmallows please. Now, as a health-conscious adult, I go to hot tea as my comfort beverage on those days.  My tea drawer is crazy.


And I’m always looking to add to the collection.  You can never have enough teas.  So when I was offered a Traditional Medicinals Winter Wellness Kit to try out, I jumped at the chance!


The Winter Wellness Kit has three different teas in it – Gypsy Cold Care, Echinacea Plus, and Throat Coat.


The first tea I tried was the Gypsy Cold Care.  It was warming on those chilly nights!


Then it seemed everyone in my family was getting sick with some kind of wicked cold or sinus infection!  I started downing the Echinacea tea to boost my immune system at the first sign of a stuffy nose.

image_3 My mom who had an awful sore throat for days was drinking Throat Coat, which helped relieve some of her pain and soothe her throat.


Now I get to share the warmth of these teas with you.  Traditional Medicinals has offered one of my readers a Winter Wellness Kit!  Below you can enter the Rafflecopter for a Winter Wellness Kit, just like mine that has all three boxes of tea in it – Gypsy Cold Care, Echinacea Plus, and Throat Coat.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open until 12 AM on Tuesday, December, 24th.  I will announce the winner on the blog later on Tuesday Morning.

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  1. Kaylin Gilkey says:

    I’d like to try the Echniacea Plus the most.

  2. martyroddy says:

    I enjoy the echinacea and also add chamomile for sleeping as well.

    I also make a throat lotion with local raw , lemons and ginger – Soak it for 3-4 weeks and then keep in fridge- and take as needed on a spoon or add to tea.


    I have also made a Thyme cough drink- 3 cup water boiling- 2-3 TBS dried thyme, cup of raw honey, allow to cool and then pour off solids – store in fridge and use as cough syrup.

  3. Amanda says:

    I think I am going to have to stock up on these teas. I love hearing reviews!

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