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WIAW – Food coupling.

We’ve hit the halfway mark in the week! Hooray!  Although this weekend is going to be pretty busy for me, and full of work since the spring recital is on Sunday.  For those of you who missed the post talking about my job, I work at a children’s “fitness academy” which is pretty much just gymnastics and dance classes for kids.  My background is in dance, so I don’t know two things about gymnastics. Homegirl can barely do a cartwheel.

While I’m super excited to see all of the girls perform and show off all the skills they’ve been working so hard at, the weeks leading up to the show, and especially the week of the show are inSANE.  Only after the show is over can I exhale. However, I am pretty pumped for the coaches routine in the show.  Hopefully I’ve still got it. Crossing my fingers!

So speaking of work, since I feel like I’ve lived there lately….today’s What I Ate Wednesday is a day of eats when I work during the day. I noticed a common theme between my pictures from my eats on this day. They contained two foods that were basically made for each other.

My morning begins with a bowl of oatmeal…

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Would’ya look at that. Whipped Banana Oatmeal has made a comeback! Peanut butter and banana…I rest my case. Was there ever a better combination?  No…the answer’s no.

Then I typically go and get in a quick intense workout before work, which means afterward, I need some quick protein to take to work.  What better option than a quest bar?

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And obviously a venti ice coffee because well…how else could I deal with children for 6 hours?  Another common combination for me…I’ve spoiled myself and now cannot have a quest bar with out coffee. It just doesn’t feel right. The two go so well together and make a great morning snack.  And the bar is healthier alternative to a pastry you’ll commonly see accompanying a mid morning coffee.

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For lunch, I usually just make a big ole salad in a big ole bowl.  Doesn’t everything in the salad go well together..hence making a salad?

I’m usually out of work by 2:30, and head home for a snack.  On this particular day, I was feeling an apple and pb!  Again apple…and peanut butter…’nuff

A dinner included a grass-fed sirloin steak which was cooked on the grill. Such a summer taste. On the side – grilled broccoli and steamed peas. photo 1And finally dessert is a bowl full of strawberries with dark chocolate chips mixed in for little chocolate surprises.  photo 3Strawberry + Chocolate = perfection.

What are some of your favorite food combinations?

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  1. jessie says:

    Your job sounds so lovely. I think it’s adorable how you work with children. Looking forward to hearing about all the recital 🙂

    Great pairs: Eggs w/ Feta Cheese, Apple w/ NB, Carrots w/ Hummus

  2. Sean T says:

    You honestly cant go wrong with peanut butter and something, chocolate, apples, bananas its impossible

  3. Mia Cupcake says:

    Those strawberries with chocolate chips. nomnomnom!

    Was SO GREAT to meet you this weekend!

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