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Cycling Profile #3

Cycling Playlist and Profile #3

Hooray for Friday!  Here’s to finishing out the week strong and a good weekend ahead!

I am long overdue for posting one of my cycling profiles and playlists.  This was the profile from yesterday’s class, and I got several comments afterwards that they really enjoyed the ride!

In this ride, I did something that I don’t usually do.  I used three drills and just kept repeating that pattern through the whole class.  I tend to stay away with such a simplistic and repetitive class routine, but then again, since I never do things like that, I figured it’d be a good way to switch things up for my class.

The first three songs are used for warm up and building intensity, and then after that the pattern begins. The pattern starts with power intervals, followed by a climb and ends with accelerations.

Here’s the playlist on Spotify:

Below is a rough overview of my ride song by song.  The power intervals all go with the music, so I didn’t include times. When the music picks up and gets intense, surge.  This whole ride pretty much flows with the music.  Let the music guide your ride.

1. Where The Sun Goes (feat. Stevie Wonder) by Redfoo – Seated warm-up song to get the legs moving and do some stretches.  Light gear here.

2.  Shine by Years & Years – Standing warm-up at an lighter/moderate tension, alternating between 1st and 3rd standing positions.  Keeping the gear at a light/moderate level, sit down and ride the flat road for the last 30 seconds of the song.

3. We Don’t Run by Bon Jovi – Standing flat at a moderate gear.  Keep the gear and pick up RPMs by 10-15 on chorus.  Back off those RPMs on verses, but keep the gear.

4. Reflect by Carl Nunes, Tyler Sherritt – First Power Interval song!  Seated flat road, add gear and surge on choruses.

5. It’s A Long Way to the Top… by AC/DC – Seated climb starting at lighter climbing gear

6. Now or Never by Outasight – Accelerations at light gear.

7. Anywhere But Home by Breathe Carolina, Apek – Power Intervals

8.  Move by Luke Bryan – Standing Climb

9. Don’t Wanna Go Home (7th Heaven Radio Remix) by Jason Derulo – Accelerations at lighter gear

10. Who I am by Benny Benassi – Power Intervals

11. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin – Climb, Rider’s choice: seated or standing

12. Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammar – Accelerations

13. Survivors by Hardwell, Danic, Haris – Power Intervals

14. Right Now by Van Halen – Short climb seated, then standing for first 2:00, then accelerations to finish it off

15. Hold Each Other by A Great Big World – Cool down and stretch

Funny story… I searched a good 30 minutes for the song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. I knew how it went – like the melody.  But I had no idea what any of the words were.  Does anyone really know the words to that song? Are there words in that song??

So I said to my boyfriend what’s that song that goes “Dun nuh nuh” and he’s like okay well what are the words?  And I’m like I don’t know it just goes “Dun nuh nuh, dun nuh nuh.”  And he said “Okay I got the “Dun nuh nuh” part. I can’t help you if you don’t give me some words”  So he was no help.

I don’t know how I came about it eventually, but I did, much to my riders chagrin because due to that, they had an 8 minute climb 🙂

Week in Review at Blondes Have More Run…

Have a great weekend!

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cycling playlist #2

Cycling Playlist and Profile

Hey guys! Sorry for the later post today.  I had a busy first half of my day.  I went to the gym this morning to get in a strength training session. Then I came home and quickly made and ate an early lunch, which is so worth sharing.  It’s an Asian Raw Kale Salad with a Red Pepper Dressing, both recipes from Cookie and Kate.


Kale and raw broccoli never tasted so good.  After lunch, I went to teach a noon cycling class.

Today I have another cycling playlist and profile for you.  It’s the playlist I used in today’s class, and apparently the class really liked it!  There was great feedback.

I love themed rides.  This one is themed towards the new year.  In the first half are songs by artists to look out for in the year 2015.  In the second half are songs that have to do with motivating and keeping those new years resolutions.

cycling playlist #2

Class Profile

1.  Stolen Dance by Milky Chance – Warm-up song, low tension, small accelerations on choruses

2. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson – Light jumps (8 cts, 4cts, 2 cts)

3.  Madness by Muse – Seated climb

4.  Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon – Start right away with a sprint, and then go to a flat road for the rest of the song

5.  You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile by Sia- Rotate through seated, standing, and third position standing at a moderate gear

6. Uprising by Muse – Standing climb

7. Why Do We Fall by Hans Zimmer – Heavy seated climb

8.  I Lived by OneRepublic – Flat road, sprints on chorus

9. Under Pressure by Queen, David Bowie – Rotate through positions Seated Flat, Standing Run, Seated Climb, Standing Climb (1 min each)

10. Geronimo by Sheppard- Rotate through same positions as previous song, but 30 seconds each and then 15 seconds each

11.  Work This Body by Walk the Moon – Seated flat, add gear and stand aggressive on chorus

12. Try by Pink – Seated climb, stand and push on chorus

13. I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty – Heavy jumps

14. Fighter by Christina Aguilera – Heavy climb starting out seated, and going to standing once it gets really hard

15. Sandstorm by Darude – Sprints

Hope you like it and your class likes it too!

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Cycling Playlist #1

Spin Playlist #1

Hey there!  Now that I am back to teaching indoor cycling/spin, there will be a section of my blog offering all of my spin playlists and ride profiles to go along with them.

Cycling Playlist #1

I have the cycling playlist for you that I mentioned yesterday.  I used this playlist to teach yesterday and according to my class, it was a reach calorie torcher!  I really like to mix up my music between pop and rock, old and new, and every once in a while throw in a country song.  I find this keeps everyone happy in the class to hear a few songs from their favorite genre.

Ride Profile

1.  Pompeii – Warm-Up song #1 — Do a seated warm-up hear at an easy tension.  This is where I introduce myself, some of my guidelines, and lead the class through some upper body stretches.

2.  Mirror Remix – Warm-Up song #2 – Do a standing warm-up.  Add a little bit of tension to stand up, go through first, second and third positions standing.

3. Young Blood – Seated Climb, with a sprint from 3:27 until the end of the song.

4. Jungle – Start out in a seated climb, gradually add tension and stand up when you need to.

5. Work This Body – Sprint!

6. Don’t Worry Baby – Flat road – work on endurance here.

7. Sorry (Remix) – Seated tabatas starting at 0:30.

8. T.H.E. – Seated climb turning into a standing climb halfway through.  From 2:55 until the end of the song, go back to seated and gradually decrease tension and pick up the RPMs.

9.  Black Widow (Remix) – Seated sprint or power surges

10. Linkin Park (Remix) – Climb, sprint half way through song and climb again (Rolling Hills)

11. Kickstart my Heart – Sprint

12. Walk This Way – Alternating 10 second heavy pushes, 10 second rest

13. Welcome to the Black Parade – Start in a standing climb, sit and sprint when the tempo and beat picks up, continue climbing during verses and sprinting on chorus.


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