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Hydro Inertia Training: An Up and Coming Fitness Trend in 2017

The most common type of training that many people do, including myself, is using static loads. The weights we’re lifting never really shift or tilt without us making it do so.  But this makes applying this type of training to real world scenarios rather difficult.

Imagine taking your dogs (who, if they’re anything like mine, pull like crazy) for a walk and trying to handle their leash.  Or for you parents out there, imagine picking up a flailing or wiggling child.  Imagine a police officer attempting to restrain an assailant, who is most definitely not just a static load.

The Up and Coming Fitness Trend for 2017 is Hydro Inertia Training with the Surge #ad

In real world scenarios, the things we need to exert force on are often times not static.  They are constantly moving and shifting in weight.  So how do we train for that?

Cory Jones, creator of the Surge, found a way.  In his occupation as a firefighter, he realized the need for training with dynamic resistance.  Holding a water hose or pulling people out of burning buildings was not something that static strength training had really prepared him for.

The Up and Coming Fitness Trend for 2017 is Hydro Inertia Training with the Surge #ad

Active Resistance

The Surge is a hollow tubular structure with handles.  You fill it with water to whatever level you want, so you decide how much you want it to weigh.  The Surge uses active resistance, which “describes an exercise with a reactive shifting resistance, causing disruptions to the anticipated normal movement path of the exercise.”

Dynamic-Fluid Resistance (DFR)

Hang on now because we’re about to get all science-y up in here!  We’re going to talk about the difference between water resistance training and other forms of active resistance training, like sandbags.  Water molecules are strongly attracted to each other. “Unlike sandbags, the water in the Surge never truly settles.”  The water is always in some kind of motion, which you, the user, has to counteract. “The participant must execute their specific exercise while also continuously adjusting to accommodate for the constantly shifting water mass inside the Surge.”  With the surge, you are always working to stabilize the weight, in addition to performing the actual exercise.

Benefits of Training with the Surge

  • Greater balance, stability and coordination
  • Improved fundamental movement skills
  • Greater body awareness and postural control and movement efficiency
  • Improved performance and reduced injury risk.

Hedstrom Fitness, maker of the Surge, is offering us a discount code for 25% off all Surge/Kamagon products!  The code is SPHF25, and it is valid from January 20th, 2017-February 28th, 2017.

Watch the video below for Sweat Pink’s Friday Five Moves!

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12 Days of Christmas Workout

Get yourself in a healthier mindset for the day and increase your calorie allowance a bit with this full-body 12 Days of Christmas workout!  Completed the same way the song is sung, it’s sure to be fun!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!  It has been a long time since I have posted a workout on here.  We are long overdue!

This workout is intended for a pre or post holiday burn!  We all know you’re going to be indulging in some booze, cookies, processed carbs and junk food this weekend.  I’m guilty as well!  And hey, that’s okay!  It’s the holidays.  We have to let loose and enjoy ourselves sometimes…as long as we get right back on track on Monday.

I also find that starting my day on a healthy note with a workout makes it less likely that I’m going to overindulge later.  I’ll still treat myself a bit, but I won’t be as likely to go HAM on those cookies.

Not only does working out the morning of a holiday put you in a healthier mindset, but it increases your daily calorie allowance a bit, so you can have that one extra cookie…or two.

So grab a family member or a friend, and have fun with this workout before heading out for all your holiday adventures!

This workout is performed just like the song. Complete 1 burpee.  Then complete 2 push ups and 1 burpee, then a 30 second plank, 2 push ups and 1 burpee, then 4 squats/squat jumps, 30 second plank, 2 push-ups, and 1 burpee, and so on.  It’s completed just like the song.

Get your pre-holiday burn on and earn yourself a few more cookies with this 12 Days of Christmas Workout!

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I actually did this one with my Strength and Conditioning class I teach on Thursdays, and they had a lot of fun!  And yes, we listened to Christmas songs while doing it!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  I will not be popping in this weekend or on social media as much, as I will be taking the time off to enjoy with family and friends.  Practice some self-care, be present with your loved ones and cherish the memories you’re creating.

Still haven’t figured out what to make for breakfast Christmas morning?  Get some ideas here!


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Beautiful Places to Run in the US

Hello friends!  Today I have a guest post for you from Rachel Stires.  Rachel is a media relations representative for Orangetheory Fitness. In her spare time she enjoys writing, hiking, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


One of my least favorite things to do is to run inside. Trying to keep up a good pace on a treadmill while staying motivated is so difficult, and I find myself wanting to do something (anything) else instead. When I get the chance to run outside though, I love it. Soaking in the views and enjoying the weather make running worth it for me, especially when I get to see something cool.

Here are some of the most beautiful places to run in the US.


Yosemite National Park: This park’s beauty is hard to write about, because it actually leaves me speechless. The looming, sentinel like mountains with waterfalls like spider webs make you feel tiny and insignificant, and from the distant rush of water to the wildlife that inhabits the park, this place is peaceful but never quiet. It’s distinctly alive, vibrant, and breathtaking. There are plenty of trails throughout the park, with plenty of variety in difficulty and scenery that everyone can enjoy. No matter where you are in this park, you’re sure to see something incredible.


Flat Irons Vista Trail: Colorado sports many beautiful views and trails, so while I think any of them would be a great idea the Flatirons Vista trail stood out to me. It’s a fairly flat loop trail with some gentle hills, so it’s more beginner friendly. It also sports some gorgeous views of the surrounding area, so this would be a great way to get your spouse or friends involved in an easy-going, scenic run. There’s plenty of wildlife to be seen along this trail, so keep an eye out and you might see something special like an eagle or bear. (Depending on the season!)


The 606, Chicago, IL: Moving away from the natural views is a trail that unveils the urban beauty of Chicago. Completed in 2015, this trail was built on the foundations of an elevated rail that served as a passenger and freight line until 2001. It has now been converted into a public greenway, stretching for 2.7 miles with multiple access ramps along the way. The trail boasts an exclusive appreciation and view of Chicago, including artwork and events throughout the year. This would be a great spot to visit if you want to see a different side of Chicago, whether as a tourist or a resident.


Crissy Field to Hopper’s Hands: This is considered one of the classic runs of San Francisco, and anyone can see why. With a beautiful view of the bridge and brimming bay, this trail offers a cool breeze along with it’s amazing sites. You can watch people, ships coming into the bay, and the waves hitting the beach. This is a 3.2-mile flat route that you can double back on to add some distance, so runners of any skill level can use this path. Make sure to bring a jacket with you just in case, as the wind can get a little chilly!


Mall and Monuments Route, Washington, DC: I think it’s only natural to talk about this route considering we’re talking about places in the US. Locals suggest that you give this path a try during the fall and winter so you can avoid the tourists and get the most out of this tour. The trail is 5.7 miles in length, and offers a stellar view of all the monuments and memorials of Washington DC. It’s perfect if you’d like to take a tour of some of America’s most memorable buildings and memorials from a distance, with some nice views to go with it!


Trail of Tears National Historic Trail: This trail is laden with meaningful national history as it shows the route that many tribes removed from their territories had to take in 1838-1839. Not only was this journey harrowing and heartbreaking, but it spans for 9 states. You can pick and choose which sites you’d like to see, but the effect that this trail has on people is poignant and meaningful. If you’re interested in learning more about the trail itself or the sites it includes along the way, you can check the National Park Service website for more information and pictures of the various sites on the trail.  

While all of these places are beautiful, there are numerous other locations all over the US that deserve just as much praise and recognition. It just goes to show that there are endless opportunities to explore and see this country in unique ways. Whether you visit these or other places, I hope that you find something memorable and worthwhile on your run!

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