Feng Shui Your Home

How to Feng Shui Your Home for the New Year

It’s the new year, and what does everyone do in the beginning of a new year?  Get organized!  After you get a bit organized, I invite you to consider adding some positive energy and fresh accents to your home. If the idea of Feng Shui is a bit hokey to you, then at least consider a few of these ideas below to create a more natural, airy, and beautiful space.

Rid your space of clutter.

Time to get organized!  Donate or get rid of anything that no longer brings you joy.  Go through your closet; if you haven’t worn something in the past year, maybe it’s time to consider donating it.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can get rid of without even remembering it after its gone!  Yet we think we need all this stuff!

On top of getting rid of the clutter, it’s important to organize what you are keeping.  Here are some unique products that can help you organize your space in a stylish way.

Feng Shui Your Home

This Wooden Mounted Wall Caddy from Uncommon Goods provides a space for each of your bathroom necessities!  It also forces you to stick with what you absolutely NEED out in the open in your bathroom.
Feng Shui Your Home

I, myself, could definitely use this jewelry stand.   The back is magnetic so your necklaces don’t get all tangled.  Friends, I am notorious for taking off my jewelry after a long day and just leaving it lay on my bathroom counter.  Before you know it, half my jewelry collection is just laying on my bathroom counter, all tangled up.  Having this there, would definitely allow me to strip off my jewelry at the end of the day without ending up with knotted chains!  It just looks much more aesthetically pleasing as well!

Feng Shui Your Home

Any kind of bin or basket is a great place to quickly organize junk.  If you’re not a fan of using big tupperware bins and labeling everything, these handmade nesting baskets are for you!  They’re great to quickly categorize and organize your things.   All your scarves in one, all your belts in another, all blankets rolled up real nicely in another.  Aaaand, wah-lah…you’re organized!

Add some greenery.

Plants add a positive energy to the home.  I know whenever I have a fresh plant or fresh flowers in my house, I just have a little bit of joy every time I look at it!

Feng Shui Your Home

Create your own terrarium with this kit that includes everything you need.   Just because it’s Winter doesn’t mean all you gardening fans have to take a break!

Feng Shui Your Home

Add wall art and some greenery all in one with this living wall planter kit!

Feng Shui Your Home

Or, go out and buy your own greens and put them in a funky vase such as this one!

Use the Elements

In Feng Shui, the elements include wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  Uncommon Goods has some great products

Feng Shui Your Home

These candles offer a the cozy sound of a crackling flame (giving you that fire element) along with some cozy Winter scents like mulled cider!

Feng Shui Your Home

I am in love with this Nordic Tea Light Trough!  It gives off such a warm vibe!

Feng Shui Your Home

Add the element of Earth with this sand art piece that forms a different landscape each time.

Feng Shui Your Home

On the right table and with the right decor around it, this wood branch table runner, made from actual teak tree branches, could add some total feng shui to your dining area!  Because each table runner is handmade, no two are alike!

Feng Shui Your Home

Here’s another way to add the element of wood.  This Takara Wall Art adds a natural feel to any room in your house!

Feng Shui Your Home

Include the element of earth with this handmade clay Wishing Jar.  I also really like this because you get to write your hopes, dreams, and goals on the little scroll of paper included and place them in a jar.

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Feng Shui Your Home

Questions for you:  Do you plan on changing some decor in your home for the new year?

Disclosure: I was compensated by Uncommon Goods for writing this post.  However, all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own.

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Holiday Recap: Sentence Per Picture

Take a look at my Holiday Recap to see how I spent my last few weeks with family and friends from Ice Capades to gorgeous carriage rides in the Christmas City.

Hello!  I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted.  I tried to truly take a break from social media and enjoy time with my loved ones these past few weeks.  It felt good to just really relax and give myself a break.

Anyways, time to get back to the grind!  We’re getting back into the swing of things around here with my holiday recap: sentence per picture style.


A couple days before Christmas, my boyfriend, Alex, and I took my nephew Jadyn for a surprise trip to Philadelphia for a Disney on Ice show for his birthday!  He loved it!


And because he’s not my child, yes – I did let him eat the whole bag of cotton candy by himself.


Also a few days before Christmas, Alex went on a horse-drawn carriage ride through Bethlehem, PA aka Christmas City!  img_2114

Those horses were HUGE!  I feel so lucky to live so close to such a charming and beautifully decorated town.


Sadie took it upon herself to make a bed out of our Christmas tree skirt, and Cooper (the little brother) can’t keep himself from bugging her.


We spent Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family.  It just works out that my dad’s side of the family likes to celebrate on Christmas Eve and my mom’s side of the family likes to celebrate on Christmas day.


Christmas morning is always spent at my sister’s house watching my nephew Jadyn open his presents from Santa in our matching Christmas PJs.  The above picture shows my mom and me.


Alex hasn’t quite earned his set of matching family PJs yet, and I think he is quite alright with that!  But I couldn’t help but snap this adorable picture of him and Jadyn cuddling!


On New Year’s Eve, we had a small party at my house.  I prepared these bacon scallop stackers from PaleOMG, and they were a HIT!


We made the awful, awful mistake of playing Monopoly.  Without going into detail, things got a bit heated and someone left without even saying goodbye right after midnight.


Cheers to a healthy and happy new year!  Here’s to new beginnings!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and had some time to unplug, as I did!  It does the mind good!

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12 Days of Christmas Workout

Get yourself in a healthier mindset for the day and increase your calorie allowance a bit with this full-body 12 Days of Christmas workout!  Completed the same way the song is sung, it’s sure to be fun!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!  It has been a long time since I have posted a workout on here.  We are long overdue!

This workout is intended for a pre or post holiday burn!  We all know you’re going to be indulging in some booze, cookies, processed carbs and junk food this weekend.  I’m guilty as well!  And hey, that’s okay!  It’s the holidays.  We have to let loose and enjoy ourselves sometimes…as long as we get right back on track on Monday.

I also find that starting my day on a healthy note with a workout makes it less likely that I’m going to overindulge later.  I’ll still treat myself a bit, but I won’t be as likely to go HAM on those cookies.

Not only does working out the morning of a holiday put you in a healthier mindset, but it increases your daily calorie allowance a bit, so you can have that one extra cookie…or two.

So grab a family member or a friend, and have fun with this workout before heading out for all your holiday adventures!

This workout is performed just like the song. Complete 1 burpee.  Then complete 2 push ups and 1 burpee, then a 30 second plank, 2 push ups and 1 burpee, then 4 squats/squat jumps, 30 second plank, 2 push-ups, and 1 burpee, and so on.  It’s completed just like the song.

Get your pre-holiday burn on and earn yourself a few more cookies with this 12 Days of Christmas Workout!

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I actually did this one with my Strength and Conditioning class I teach on Thursdays, and they had a lot of fun!  And yes, we listened to Christmas songs while doing it!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  I will not be popping in this weekend or on social media as much, as I will be taking the time off to enjoy with family and friends.  Practice some self-care, be present with your loved ones and cherish the memories you’re creating.

Still haven’t figured out what to make for breakfast Christmas morning?  Get some ideas here!


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