Metabolic Training Bootcamp Workout

Hey friends!  How are you?  Surviving the cold?  I had a nice unexpected day off yesterday due to the snow.  Of course it was filled with working on a never-ending pile of schoolwork. It never ends!!!!

On top of it all, I have taken up teaching a bootcamp every Thursday now at a local business on the employee’s lunch break. Most of the participants are beginners, and I write up the workouts with that in mind.  After last week’s workout I received really positive feedback after the workouts.  You could tell the participants felt proud of themselves, good about working out and doing something good for their bodies, which makes adding one more crazy thing to my schedule all worth the while.bootcampboardWhile making this workout, I tried to keep it quick and fast-paced to avoid boredom by the participants.  It’s easy to get bored during stationary workouts (we only have a hallway as our space for the bootcamp), especially for beginners.  Being in a hallway doing exercises within your very small little bubble for 30-45 minutes can be less than motivating.  I knew I needed to give them something to focus on – so, an interval type workout it is.d

This workout utilizes metabolic training – meaning, it keeps your burning more calories even after you are done working out.  It trains you to push harder and get out of your comfort zone in the work periods, with the idea in mind that you’ll soon get a little rest.

The workout takes a little less than 30 minutes!  Here it is…



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Hey friends!

Todays What I Ate Wednesday post is going to be short and sweet, and not a full day of eats, but instead a mishmash of recent eats.  My life is getting crazy again :(  Why!!

Alright..Let’s start out with breaki!


I am loving this new coffee mug I got from Marshalls!

image9These blueberry muffins have turned into a daily thing. I enjoyed one along side some scrambled egg whites.


This is the TOTAL healthy and super simple comfort food.  It’s way too good for how simple it is to make.  In a crock pot went chicken breasts, carrots, onions, diced sweet potatoes, and chicken broth. The sweet potato kind of disintegrates into the mix in a way, giving it this sweet and savory flavor, if that makes sense.  SO good….Thank god…because I cut my finger making it.

Paleo Fried RiceSay hello to Paleo Fried Rice.  I used this recipe from NomNomPaleo, and added chicken on top.  Everyone asks me, does the cauliflower really taste like fried rice?  My answer…you don’t really get the taste of cauliflower or rice.  You do get the consistency of rice though, and all the flavors of fried rice. I loved it and will definitely be making it again soon!

That’s all I have for today!  Thank you Jenn for hosting! I’ll be back tomorrow with a bootcamp-style workout!

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Sometimes Our Thoughts are Our own Worst Enemy

How to Not Hate Mondays + Meal Plan for the Week

Good morning!  Today I’m trying to change my thinking from this…

AlrightMondayto this…


Mondays don’t suck. Okay sometimes they do, but not always!  It’s all in the way you think about it!  Something I first really grasped in a Positive Psychology course was that our thoughts control our attitude.  I’ve been working on really embracing that idea since taking that class, and I have to say, there is definitely truth to that.

Sometimes Our Thoughts are Our own Worst Enemy

So today, I’m applying that concept to my view of Mondays.  This week sucks extra hard, because the semester is starting this week too.  Now I’ll have work (teaching dance), classes, online classes, and teaching a strength and conditioning class for the next several months.  What better time to start this change in thought than this week!

From now on, I will think of Mondays as setting the tone for the week, setting goals for the week, a new chance to really kick ass at eating healthy, hitting it hard in the gym, and feeling good about myself for the accomplishments I’ll be making along the way.

Let’s get our shit together and make this week a great one and make each one from here on out better than the last.  Something I do that helps tremendously with the eating healthy for the week part is food prepping and planning.  I like to cut up fresh veggies and fruits for snacks or salads throughout the week to help me from veering off track when I come home starving and the first morsel of food in site is a package of Oreos setting on the counter. I also meal plan dinners for the week which I usually post about. This week’s meal plan is as follows…

Monday: Sesame Garlic Beef Stir-fry

Tuesday: Tuna Steaks and a sesame cucumber salad

Wednesday:  Baked Cod + spiralized veggies with a roasted red pepper sauce

Thursday:  Chicken, Carrots, Sweet Potato, and Onion with some chicken broth in the slow cooker

Friday: Leftovers or out

I also like to plan my workouts for the week – just a general idea of what I’ll be doing each day – and write it in my planner.

picstitch-8It helps if you have a cute planner you like to use with fun colored pens, FYI.  So here’s to a great week ahead, and making Mondays suck a little less!  Have a great day!

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