Some Things Take Time

Calling all stationary lovers!

This past week at work I’ve received a few Christmas presents from my students.

christmaspresentThe kids are so sweet and I am so appreciative that they thought of me! I wanted to do something to thank these students once we’re back from Christmas break, so I’ve been looking around the internet for cute Thank You cards.  In doing so, I found Minted, which is every stationary lover’s dream!  I could spend hours on this site just browsing!

For those of you getting married in the near future, they have some really cute Save the Dates. Here’s a few of my favorites..

Gold Rush Foil-Pressed Save the Date

Gold Rush Foil-Pressed

XOXO Save the Date


Let Love Shine

Let Love Shine 

Our Timeline

Our Timeline – I love the timeline on this one!

They not only have thank you cards, business cards, invitations, save-the-dates, plus a lot more, but they also have art work and decorations for your home.  I’m such a sucker for home decor and their stuff is totally my style, too.  I especially love all of their foil-pressed art.  I really liked the one shown below.

Some Things Take Time

Some Things Take Time

Just wanted to pass along a cute site I found! I’m sure we will all have a use for something on this site soon considering Christmas is coming and Thank you cards have to go out!  But you’ve been forewarned…only go on this site when you have a free few hours!

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Yuengling Brewery Tour

Hey there!  Today I’ve got another post for you on some local, PA fun.  On Thursday, the boyfriend and I went to the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, PA. image1

Yuengling Brewery, founded in 1829, has been run by the Yeungling family for five generations now.  They were one of the few breweries in the United States to survive the Prohibition era.


Since they were not brewing that day, we got to take a look inside the mashing tuns and the lauter tun.



Below is where they used to store the kegs.


They were canning at the brewery that day.  They are able to can 800-some cans in 1 minute at Yeungling.  Below is a rather awful picture of the cans going through the factory.  It was super loud in there.  I got a few videos which you can find on my Instagram account!image8Then we were taken into the caves where they used to store the beer before refrigerators were invented.

image11After walking through the factory, seeing and smelling the sweet aroma of beer, it would be just cruel and unusual punishment to not give us samples, so two samples each were enjoyed back in their bar.

image14 I tried the Black & Tan and Lager Light.  I really dislike bitter beers, but I didn’t find either to be that bitter, and I thought they were actually really good.  I’m not a big beer drinker in general, so that says something.

The tour guide was awesome and the little fun tidbits we learned along the way were really interesting!

 They have two other locations in Tampa and another one in Pottsville.  Do you get Yuengling where you live?

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holiday weight gain buster

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain With This Full Body Strength and Cardio Workout

Hooray for the weekend!  I still have to teach a gymnastics class later the morning, but after that I am free through Sunday!

Since it’s a Saturday, and I’ve already done strength training for every body part so far this week – Monday was Back, Tuesday was Chest and shoulders, Wednesday was biceps/triceps, Thursday was legs, and yesterday was a rest day – I usually like to do a full body circuit on the 6th and last workout day of the week.

I’ve come up with what seems like a fairly brutal Full-body circuit I plan on doing this morning.  It incorporates some great high intensity cardio along with back-to-back exercises all to keep the heart rate and calorie burning up at a max.

Remember, Christmas is less than a week away people.  Time to get in that gym and work HARD because you all know you’re going to be stuffing your faces next week….yes YOU!  Not to worry, I’m right there with ya.  Now is not the time to slack off!

holiday weight gain buster

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